Friday 10 May 2013

Art of England Magazine, DYNAMIC REALISM - The Art of Abbey Walmsley by Sophie Sharp

The exhibition: 'Dynamic Realism - The Art of Abbey Walmsley' will showcase the largest collection of Abbey Walmsley's works exhibited to the general public, bringing the realist genre of Dynamic Realism to a broader group of discerning collectors. The exhibition will bring a fresh approach to buying and commissioning meticulously crafted works of art, combining both clients art collecting ambitions and philanthropic desires.
At 24 Abbey Walmsley was already recognised as a contemporary master painter as her works hung alongside Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol, Harris, Hunt and others during the 'Art of Living' exhibition housed throughout Harrods, London in 2003. The exhibition catalogue described Abbey Walmsley as one of the 'best realist painters in the world' ('Art of Living' Sept 2003, Halcyon Gallery) Last time Abbey Walmsley was featured in The Art of England in November 2005 she was about to attend two solo exhibitions in both Dallas and Houston, Texas USA. Now we catch up with her before she embarks on a major solo exhibition in the heart of Mayfair, London.

Can you explain what Dynamic Realism is and why it is different from other genres of realism?
Combining Realism and Illusionism is not new. However, being able to bring movement 'alive' within a work that also conveys a three-dimensional method of painting arguably is. A work of Dynamic Realism contains six key attributes. click here to read the full article: Art of England Article on Dynamic Realism

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